Bourail Fair

publication date : Tuesday 18 August 2009

Bourail Fair

Sun Ray participated in the very famous Bourail Fair. This event is one of the most important Fairs in New Caledonia and it is the 32nd time this event is organized. It gathered more than 20 000 visitors during 3 days. Sun Ray was located on the booth #19, and had the possibility to disclose its special offers.

For those who could not make it, Sun Ray will participate in the Koumac Fair on September 18th, 19th and 20th 2009. Come and visit us!


Intersolar 2009, a great trip, a great success

publication date : Monday 15 June 2009

Intersolar 2009, a great trip, a great success

Sun Ray’s team went to Munich in order to show Sun Ray’s innovations/new patents. It was also an opportunity to meet professional actors on the international stage, and to discuss about would-be partnerships. The total number of visitors amounts to about 60 000 people and more than 150 nationalities were represented during the Fair. Those figures explain why Intersolar ranks among the most important international Fairs.

The team consisted of the Managing director, Williams Danger, the R&D assistant, Caroline Hubert and a sales representative, Marie Ancel. The booth was always full of visitors who wanted to know more details about the product. Indeed Sun Ray’s hot water systems are seen as aesthetic, high quality and long-lasting.
Besides it was a pleasure to exchange information about Solar techniques with such interesting people. The discussion with numerous interlocutors working in so different fields and activities, coming from various countries, made this Fair an exceptional opportunity to increase our knowledge about Solar Thermal energies.

Now the team is back in New Caledonia, it is working hard on the “Fair Aftermath”, so as to develop new partnerships. Be that as it may, Intersolar 2009 was a great trip, a wonderful time, and a frank success.


Home Habitat Fair in Noumea

publication date : Thursday 07 May 2009

Sun Ray participated in the Home Habitat Fair that was organized in Noumea from April 16th until April 19th 2009. The meeting gave us the opportunity to show the TPS innovation and to assess its success. Sun Ray is working hard in order to communicate on its products and to care about customers satisfaction.

The event was a success in terms of sales and network.

Sun Ray will participate in the Intersolar Fair again

publication date : Tuesday 24 March 2009

The Intersolar Fair 2009 organized in Munich from May 27th until May 29th will take place in the Messestadt district. This event is worldwide known and it gathers professionals from the renewable energies companies. Last year more than 1050 exhibitors came and the organizers of the fair have counted about 52 000 visitors; hence it is a key point on the solar energy news.

Sun Ray will have the opportunity to get in touch with European potential customers and distributors. This event will be for sure a booster to enter new markets.

Estec 2009, a conference on Solar Energies

publication date : Tuesday 24 March 2009

Sun Ray will attend the Estec Conference organized in Munich from May 25th until May 26th 2009. This event happens once every other year and it tackles burning issues to make most people aware of the new alternative to pollution. It offers various speeches about economic fallouts but also about highly technical improvements.

Tax allowances

publication date : Tuesday 24 March 2009

In October 2008 the tax project has been introduced and it enables to save on taxes. Customers that would buy a certified thermal storage water heater, could benefit from tax credits and optimal payment advantages.

Sun Ray at Intersolar 2008

The international Solar Energy fair took place in Munich from June 12th until June 14th. Williams Danger and Caroline Hubert had the possibility to show their products plus the two novelties which are the TWIN PIPES SYSTEM integrated in the tank and the BLACK MASTER in the solar panel. Those two novelties created by the entity Sun Tec SARL offer a better water stratification and a higher absorption of the heat due to the solar radiations, which ends up providing the customer with more water for the same storage capacity.

1st Renewable Energies Fair

Sun Ray participated in the 1st renewable energies fair which took place in Noumea from July 17th until July 20th 2008. Due to the core activity of the company, Sun Ray was invited and the main message of the meeting was to make people aware of the climate changes and of the rise of new sources of energy nowadays. Indeed renewable energies happen to be an economical solution and a way to protect the environment.

A new graphic identity

Sun Ray has a new logo!!

The drop of water symbolizes the thermal storage water heater’s activity, thus the importance of that element in the drawing. The other principal aspect of the water heater concept is the sun which warms up the drop. The logo is full of color and it perfectly sums up the activity of Sun Ray.

Sustainable development and energy savings

The recurrent topic of the contemporary society lies in the question: how to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions without losing purchasing power?

Indeed the current environmental and economical climates push for changes in our way of life. Pollution has to be controlled and lots of measures have been taken in order to prevent people from polluting too much. On the other hand the deterioration of the purchasing power forces people to find the more economical solutions such as heating one’s water with sun radiation!

The thermal storage water heater enables to:

A-protect the environment
It does not produce any carbon dioxide and it naturally uses an environmental –friendly source of energy. Several governments are now helping this activity by offering tax advantages because they worry about the consequences of all the climate changes.

B-save money
Using the sun which is for free, with a thermal storage water heater for a reasonable price seems to be the best solution for easily reducing expenses. On top of that the sun is a renewable energy, so the device will not lack any energy.

C-create a long-term relationship
The fact that a thermal storage water heater has a long lifespan combined to the low need of maintenance induce a long use of the device without bothering with useless worries.

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