Sun Ray is a company with values such as

being environmental-friendly

willing to back the local economy by producing in Noumea, NC

offering a high quality service

working with a serious, a well-organized and a nice team

favoring ethical decision

being motivated and choosing a long term strategy

embracing the world

Sun Ray combines a 25-year experience of business with the latest solar technologies, and that’s why our solar water heaters give high satisfaction to our customers and can be adapted to all type of climate, hot or tropical.

Why is Sun Ray a reliable and dynamic company?

Sun Ray is a Caledonian company exporting all over the world 70% of its produced thermal storage water heaters.

Sun Ray plays an influential role on the thermal storage water heater market; the company ranks 4th on the international stage in the field of stainless steel tank thermosiphons.

Sun Ray often appears in newspapers and magazines such as Sun Wind & Energy, a central two monthly magazine specialized in the renewable energies. In the German version of the magazine published in December 2008, more specifically in the article “Dünne Schichten-Dicke Überraschung” a whole paragraph is dedicated to the description of the firm. Sun Ray is also going to participate in key events such as the Intersolar fair in Munich, the Estec Conference…

Sun Ray sells thermal storage water heaters it has created. Sun Tec is the entity focusing on R&D in order to develop patents and about 2.5% of the turnover is yearly dedicated to R&D. Teams are currently working hard on improvements and findings.

Sun Ray has received the CSTBat certificate stating that Sun Ray’s products match criteria to benefit from tax allowances. The company is also aiming at receiving the AS/NZS 2712 certificate in order to be able to get the Recs (Renewable Energy Certificate System). Indeed the Recs leads to discounts when you buy a thermal storage water heater in Australia for instance.

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