Sun Ray works mainly on thermal storage water heater. The reliability of its has been validated and approved by independent labs. Indeed Sun Ray creates check up tests for each stage of the making and it offers a guarantee for quality.


After several changes, Sun Ray has become a mature company exporting its own products all over the world.

In 1979 the activity of importing hot water systems was a new idea at that time and actually turned out to be a great success. Indeed importing such products and selling it thanks to an Australian franchise was a promising way of learning from the Oceania know-how.

In 1983, a new entity is created in order to make hot water systems in New Caledonia under the Australian influence. The entity was indeed allowed to produce thermal storage water heaters with patented technology from another company.

In 1989 the company received the certificate on thermal storage water heater from the firm CSTB in order to enable customers to benefit from tax allowances in France, and the solar panels were also certified in 2004.

In November 2006 two executives Williams Danger and Jean-Paul Leseigneur bought the company. At that time the decision was also taken to settle the whole production of thermal storage water heater in New Caledonia in order to support the local economy.

In February 2007 a R&D lab named Sun Tec was created so as to offer state-of-the-art products and to improve techniques. This entity stresses a strong will to place its hot water systems as a reference in the solar company landscape.

In September 2008 the company is now named Sun Ray (copyright in 2001).

Nowadays, Sun Ray is looking forward to become an influential actor on the international stage by developing its own patented products thanks to Sun Tec and by participating in numerous solar-energy linked events. Sun Ray is also expressing a strong will to widen its influence over a large chunk of the world.

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